Overeat on Thanksgiving?  Don't Stress....get back on track with these FOUR simple steps! Even with the best intentions, most of us ate a little or a LOT more than we set out to at Thanksgiving dinner. We promised ourselves not to drink more than one cocktail or eat as many desserts as we did. If [...]

Love Your Body

Love Your Body Can we normalize that when we sit up, our stomachs will fold over - and if we relax, they will stick out? Our bodies are allowed NOT to look posed, smooth, or "flawless" at all times, and it's natural for our bodies to bulge, bump, and wrinkle. We judge and criticize our

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V3 ORIGINAL & V3 BOOST: THE DIFFERENCE WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Studies show that happy people consume fewer calories and an increase in happiness and mood decreases our desire to eat. V3 BOOST and V3 ORIGINAL promote mood, appetite control and energy! The ingredients in both formulas work together as a “stack” to encourage serotonin and

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Are you a Food Addict? 8 Symptoms of Food Addiction 1. Do you experience frequent cravings even when you're full? It's pretty common to experience cravings, even after eating a filling, nutritious meal. For example, you might crave cookies, ice cream, or pie after eating a big dinner consisting of steak, potatoes, and vegetables. It's

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Is Vitamin Deficiency Preventing You From Losing Weight? Vitamin deficiency seems to have become an epidemic in this country. When your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, it lacks the tools it needs to lose weight, repair its cells and tissues, and sustain energy. When you are vitamin deficient, your body is working against

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