Setting Health Goals You Can Achieve


It’s one thing to want a long and healthy life, but it’s another thing to take the right steps to achieve holistic wellness. People today are becoming more health-conscious, due in part to the global health crisis and increased accessibility of health information. And during the pandemic, gym closures didn’t stop people from being active. Reports show that daily exercise minutes had increased by 43%. However, it can be easy to get discouraged to achieve your health goals, especially if you need to make transformative lifestyle changes. This then results in many abandoned health and wellness goals.

In this post, let’s discuss how you can set attainable health goals that are within your reach.


Make your health a priority

The first step to achieving your goals is understanding that you need to prioritize your health. Don’t set goals just for the sake of it. Take the time to learn the various benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, such as a longer life span, reduced risk for illnesses, and a better outlook on life. By prioritizing your health, it’ll be easier to make time to achieve your health goals, such as sticking to an exercise regimen, cooking yourself healthy meals, and breaking harmful habits.


Remember to have patience

You cannot rush your way towards reaching your health goals. Sometimes, you may not see any physical changes or progress, even if you’ve worked hard or made difficult lifestyle adjustments. Try not to get frustrated and be patient with your body when this happens. To achieve holistic wellbeing, you should also protect your mental health and recognize that your body may respond differently to a new diet or fitness regimen. If you feel like you’re stuck on a plateau and not making any progress, be patient with yourself and reassess your current game plan.


Seek guidance from a healthcare professional

In order to have an easier time achieving your health goals, you need to figure out what you want and be specific with your objectives. To do this, you should consult with a healthcare provider to be aware of what your body needs. In addition, talking to a healthcare professional about your goals can also help you be more efficient in achieving them and prevent you from injuring yourself. You can find healthcare professionals who can help you in a multitude of settings such as outpatient clinics, community health departments, nonprofits, and hospitals. This is thanks to general healthcare programs that train professionals to develop knowledge in relevant subjects such as nutrition, public health, medical terminology, cultural diversity, and ethics. Some of the healthcare professionals that can help you reach your goals are doctors, community health workers, dieticians, and health educators.


Always record your progress

Recording your progress is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve your health goals. This allows you to see any subtle changes to your body and figure out how to streamline your routine. In a previous post, we’ve discussed how recording your progress helps you pinpoint any areas where you aren’t successful. In a physical or digital journal, write down all the health goals that you want to achieve. Then, create a daily and weekly note of any changes to your physical and mental wellbeing. If you feel a little discouraged and need motivation, you can read your progress notes and see how far you’ve come.

Setting attainable health goals is key to having a healthy and fulfilling life. If you want to achieve a healthy state of mind and body, be sure to heed the advice we’ve discussed above.

Article specially written for By Quinn Burrows