Love Your Body

Can we normalize that when we sit up, our stomachs will fold over – and if we relax, they will stick out? Our bodies are allowed NOT to look posed, smooth, or “flawless” at all times, and it’s natural for our bodies to bulge, bump, and wrinkle.

We judge and criticize our bodies, allowing it to steal our ability to be present and happy at the moment or wear a bathing suit in the summer. Are you going to stop being friends or value someone less because their body moves, jiggles, and looks different in some places when they move? But wait for a second, we stop being friends with OURSELVES for this same offense? Being attractive isn’t really about your appearance as much as about who and how you are.

Our bodies go through seasons of change. Sometimes it’s easy to meet the goal of getting stronger or leaner or whatever your physique goal happens to be, and other times it’s more complicated or is not your focus. Other things in your life are the priority. Life isn’t all about how we look in a bikini or bathing suit.

Society’s stereotype of the perfect “bikini body” is inherently flawed. Everybody has natural sags, dips, curves, and dimples. We flag the things that don’t match up to the 21-year-old we see on social media or our favorite Hollywood celebrity as “flaws,” but they’re just the natural beauty that makes us all unique human beings.

Don’t lose happiness in the moment feeling you have to cover yourself up because parts of you don’t match the mainstream social media narrative. Remember that YOU get to define what healthy looks like on you.

And yes, of course, it’s ok to care about your appearance. That is a self-valuing action, but remember that it’s just one small part of you. How you look and feel is a byproduct of how you take care of yourself, and so much of that is about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle of nourishment, movement, and self-loving thoughts and actions.

Your true, unique beauty shines through in everything you do and every part of who you are. Our daily lives deserve to be filled with gratitude and self-love, not with negative thoughts about our bodies.

Here are a few of my suggestions for good health :

  • Focus on your sleep.
  • Eat balanced whole food meals that include protein – and prepare them yourself as often as possible.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  • Develop rituals and daily practices that center and ground you and help you address the pressures and stressors of everyday life.
  • Exercise when rested, not when you’re sick, tired, or run down.

And above all, remember to love yourself. ❤️

Having people to cheer you on and meaningful connections in your life through an uplifting community like Vfinity is an essential part of your happiness. Combine that with a balanced nutritional program, healthy recipes, and events like group challenges, and you’ve got a recipe for a beautiful life filled with confidence and capability.