What is Your Body Telling You?

I think we’ve all heard whispers from our bodies.  Heartburn, headaches, sore legs and hips, a pulled back, sore shoulders, a kink in the neck, a dull stomach ache.  The list goes on and on with the way our bodies silently whisper soft messages to us.

We have a choice: we can ignore these signs and let the symptoms build, or listen to the whisper and do something about it.  Beyond what our human brains can comprehend, the body has great wisdom.  Our bodies tell the whole truth.  It shows neglect on the outside and inside.  It alerts us of future problems before we even know they exist.  That insomnia might mean that you’re not properly nourishing your body or giving it enough of what it needs.  Your headache might be a warning sign that you’ve been taking on too much, not dealing with your own needs, or not taking enough downtime.

Almost every time, your body’s symptom is the symptom of your problem.  What is your body whispering to you right now?  Does it have to become a scream for you to listen?