The Importance of Taking A Daily Probiotic By Dr. Derrick DeSilva, Internal Medicine Q: What does Probiotic mean? A: Pro means “for” and Biosis means “Life”. The word probiotic essentially translates to “Good Bacteria” or “For life”. Q: What is the function of good bacteria? A: There are 4 things: Immune Health: 60% of our [...]
Is Vitamin Deficiency Preventing You From Losing Weight? Vitamin deficiency seems to have become an epidemic in this country. When your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, it lacks the tools it needs to lose weight, repair its cells and tissues, and sustain energy. When you are vitamin deficient, your body is working against

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Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipe: Lemon Garlic Salmon Are you looking for a simple, quick, and delicious dinner this weekend?  Check out our Lemon Garlic Salmon recipe! Flavored with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon, make this recipe the perfect summer meal!  Lemon garlic salmon is a quick and easy recipe anytime you want something delicious

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Tips to Manage Stress as the Focus on Mental Health Rises This past year has brought on an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety for many.  According to the American Institute of Stress, 33% of Americans have reported feeling extreme pressure, with 73% sharing they think it impacts their mental health. Effectively coping with stress is vital

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Disease Begins in the Gut We've grown up thinking that we can eat anything and that our bodies will take it. Unfortunately, after two generations of eating a diet full of processed foods high in sugar and low in nutrients, it's begun to affect our nation's health.  Today, many people suffer from digestive issues. Many

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Change Takes Consistency.  How to STOP stopping! Have you made promises to yourself about what you're going to do to get healthy and fit?   STOP convincing yourself that now isn’t the right time to lose weight and take back control of your health!  Convincing yourself that “now isn’t the right time” is an excuse

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Thoughts for Transformation Transform Your Thinking to Change your Life! Transformation of your life is an overhaul of what you're thinking, not just the result of nutrition and exercise.  Did you know most of us spend our lives sabotaging ourselves with questions like these?   -Why does bad stuff always happen to me? -What have

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