“In 2013 after I had my daughter I was 187 pounds. I had graduated high school weighing only 90 pounds so in no way was I okay weighing as much as I did. I was taking Garcinia Cambogia, eating 200 calories a day and running on a treadmill and I was finally down to 140 pounds.

By January 2015, I started regaining the weight and was 147 pounds when I decided enough – I can’t starve myself!!

Looking at Theresa’s posts, I saw she was taking only one pill a day and getting fantastic results. I messaged her and asked what it cost and what was involved. She said it was one pill a day and to drink your water – not a pill before every meal like the other products I was taking. I was skeptical. We already spent thousands of dollars on pills.

Finally I ordered V3 ORIGINAL™. I didn’t do the Preferred Customer pricing as I was just going to see how things went. I started taking V3 ORIGINAL on February 1st. By Valentine’s Day I felt great! I was able to clean my house and keep up with my three kids. I was able to keep going all day long! I hadn’t even weighed myself. I no longer cared because I felt so good. I no longer had to starve myself. I didn’t have to work out until I couldn’t breathe. I felt good. I lost three pounds those first two weeks.

I decided I wanted others to feel good too. I got my dad on the pills and I decided I have to share this with other people. I wanted the people I care about to feel this good!

I went from 147.5 to 131.5 which doesn’t seem like much but I went down from a size 8-10 to a size 4-6! I lost so many inches!! But the best thing about Vfinity is the ENERGY!! I love being able to not crash at 7 pm when I put my kids to bed. I love waking up and feeling refreshed. I used to binge eat. I can’t binge eat with the appetite control of V3 ORIGINAL. I love the all over mood control. I feel healthy. I feel good. I feel happy!

My goal is to reach out and be able to help at least 3-4 people each year to make a Lifestyle change. I want other people to feel the way I do. I want to help other people lose weight easily – by simply drinking the water and taking your V3 ORIGINAL!

I just recently started taking the V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens. Now my husband and I both do the V1 Skinny Smoothie and the V2 Skinny Greens. My kids even take the V2 Skinny Greens! I think it tastes like a raspberry shake!

My husband used to have digestive problems and now that is clearing up. He’s underweight so he doesn’t take the V3 ORIGINAL. He loves the V1 Skinny Smoothie and says he feels better now. And I look better than I did when I was running eight miles a day!!

Theresa and Ashley Pitts have become my best friends. It could be 10 at night and I could have a question and they’re there! They get me through whatever problem I’m having. Ashley was the reason I decided to take the plunge. It was her eyes. She was genuine. She had three babies too and she lost the weight with Vfinity so I knew I could too!

If you’re skeptical – do Vfinity for 30 days. Just give it 30 days. What can you lose in 30 days except your weight?”

– Kimberly Chronowski, TX

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