Vfinity’s Preferred Customer Program

Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants Earn Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points!

Our Lifestyle Consultants earn $5 of retail commission on each V2 Skinny Greens, V3 ORIGINAL, and V3 COFFEE and $10 of retail commission on each V1 Skinny Smoothie that your Preferred Customer puts on Autoship. They will also earn Vfinity Loyalty Rewards points for every three Preferred Customers they enroll. Redeem Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points for FREE Vfinity products.

For every three Preferred Customers you enroll on Autoship, you will receive $50 in Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points. You can accrue UNLIMITED Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points. Whether you enroll three or thirty-six Preferred Customers, the Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points keep adding up! Your Preferred Customers must have their Autoship run for a minimum of one month before qualifying for your Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points.

Benefits of Signing up Preferred Customers

  • EXTRA $5 or $10 Retail Commission paid with regular commission for each product placed on Autoship
  • A NEW WAY to introduce a new person into Vfinity
  • Your customer can still get the product at WHOLESALE PRICE even if they do not want to be a Lifestyle Consultant
  • It’s EASIER to convert Preferred Customers into Lifestyle Consultants since they become acquainted with Vfinity through the Preferred Customer Program
  • EARN PV on the entire Preferred Customer team orders regardless of the level
  • ACCUMULATE Vfinity Loyalty Reward Points which you can redeem for FREE product!
  • MORE PREDICTABILITY with your business with the recurring revenue from Autoship orders
  • Autoship with Vfinity is like having a SUBSCRIPTION TO HEALTH!!

Many of our Lifestyle Consultants began their Vfinity career as Vfinity Preferred Customers. Once you sign up as a Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant, you’ll bring your Preferred Customers under your team! Start earning commissions and bonuses on your sales!

Learn more about becoming a Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant today! 

Vfinity Preferred Customers can receive V3ORIGINAL completely FREE!

Vfinity’s Preferred Customer Program offers you the opportunity to purchase Vfinity products at wholesale price instead of the retail price! The 3 and FREE program helps you earn FREE V3ORIGINAL! Preferred Customers can earn FREE V3ORIGINAL by referring three Preferred Customers to sign up for Vfinity’s Autoship program.

Our Preferred Customer Program is for our loyal customers who use Vfinity products on a regular basis and deserve a preferred price as well.

While our Preferred Customers cannot receive commissions on their sales or earn Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points, they do receive a FREE box of V3ORIGINAL for every three Preferred Customers they refer to Vfinity. Your three referred Preferred Customers must have their Autoship run a minimum of one month before you qualify for your FREE V3ORIGINAL! Only pay shipping and handling to receive your discounted products and FREE V3ORIGINAL!

Why become a Preferred Customer?

  • Purchase Vfinity products at wholesale price! No more paying retail!
  • Opportunity to earn FREE V3ORIGINAL
  • Receive your own Vfinity Preferred Customer ID# and Back Office!
  • No obligation!
  • 30-Day money back guarantee!
  • Receive your Vfinity products each month, on time with auto-ship!
Think of it as your subscription to health!

Enroll three Preferred Customers on Autoship and you receive one box of V3ORIGINAL completely FREE!
Just pay shipping and handling!

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