Virginia A.


V3 Max is a tool meant to help you make healthier choices. On your journey to wellness, weight loss follows because of the lifestyle changes and new choices you make. Virginia Abrams utilized V3 Max to help her cut bread and soda out of her diet and the results are astonishing!

Virginia has lost nearly 100 pounds, thanks to V3 Max and the choices she’s making daily to remove junk food, soda, and bread from her diet and adding walking to her exercise.

Soda, even diet soda, can make you hungrier by sending signals to the brain to crave extra food. One study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio discovered that diet soda enhances weight gain by 41%! Just two glasses of soda per day can add up to 35 extra pounds per year!

Bread, in small amounts gives you iron and B vitamins. But in larger amounts, bread can be detrimental to your health since the carbohydrates in bread have so many calories.

Virginia’s weight loss secrets, no bread and no soda plus walking more led to her achieving skinny success! Take a look at her story.

“I started V3 max in August 2014. I was a depressed, over-weight woman. I started walking and cut out all junk food, bread and soda.

I was determined to lose weight and be happy with myself again. I started in a size 22 pants. Today, I am in a size 6! My shirts were size 2 XL. Now, my shirts are size small! My total pounds lost are nearing 100 pounds!!

V3 Max has saved my life! Thank you Vfinity!”

– Virginia Abrams, KY

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