Stephanie Kovar


“When I joined Vfinity I had no plans of selling the product. I just wanted to get it cheaper because both my husband and I were taking it.

Well that soon changed! After taking the product for about a month, I had such great results so I took pictures of myself and posted them on Facebook and social media. I got such a huge response that I couldn’t help but sell the product! It has been such an easy journey as I don’t have to really do anything. The products literally sell themselves! Each time I post a testimony picture of my results or a motivational quote, boxes of V3 Max just sell!

I have won several monthly bonuses through promotions that Vfinity does. I won an iPad mini for getting second place for the Top Recruiter Contest. Then, I won the top spot in Vfinity’s Quarterly Business Builders Bonus Pool! That was a great bonus for our family! We were able to pay off some credit cards with that bonus alone!

Vfinity has been such a blessing to our family. We have been able to buy things and do things that we couldn’t do before when we were a single income family.

I love being able to make some extra money and make people happy and healthy again. In the last seven months, I’ve seen this product work for me and so many others that it’s hard not to believe in the products!”

Stephanie’s Business Building Tip: – “Save the money you earn and reinvest everything and your business will grow. Keep product in stock. People like being able to call and not have to wait on their product.”
<– Stephanie Kovar, TX

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