Stephanie K.


“A teacher at my son’s school came back from summer break and you could tell a difference! I said to her, “I have got to ask what you’ve done.” At the time, I was just suffocating myself with my body. I was eating and was at the biggest point I’ve ever gotten. Dieting wasn’t working.

I tried a V3 Max sample and immediately told her, “I hope you have some in stock because I need some more!” I lost five pounds that first weekend! I went ahead and ordered a pack of V3 Max from her and she told me about the $19.95 special. I took it for about two weeks and my husband could tell a difference!

I absolutely love it! I love helping people feel the way I feel because it makes me feel wonderful! I have lost 25 lbs as of today! I was wearing a 16-18 and I can now fit into a 9-10. I have more energy now than I have ever had!

I have tried all of the various products out there – all the weight loss pills. I don’t like pills that make me jittery or make me crash after so long. V3 Max does none of that! This is the first diet pill I have tried that doesn’t give me the shakes.

I hope that I get to the point where Vfinity can bring in a little extra income for us as well as change people’s lives. My husband has lost about ten pounds even though he’s not been as dedicated to it as I have. He loves it! This is the only thing he’s gone out and told people about. He’s usually a skeptic. We both take all three products, V1 Skinny Smoothie, V2 Skinny Greens, and V3 Max! Of them all, he likes the V2 Skinny Greens the most. He feels better and thinks clearer on it.

Ashley Pitts has been absolutely 100% motivational for me. Telling me how great I look! She should be doing this for a career, telling people how excited she is and how much she loves Vfinity. If anybody has a question, she is always on top of it.”

– Stephanie Kovar, TX

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