Roger F.


Twenty years ago I graduated from Midwestern Baptist Seminary weighing 220 pounds. Since that time, I increased my last known weight of around 320 pounds which was in March of 2014. However, without weighing, I’m guessing the before picture you’re looking at of me, suggests that I was more likely at 330, but without knowing for sure, I use 320 pounds as my start weight before going on V3 Max.

My banker, Mark Hyde, introduced me to V3 Max in June 2014. I started with half of a pill and used it for 3.5 weeks. I started noticing my pants kept falling down. I remember specifically going to our favorite Chinese restaurant and fixing my plate as I normally would. Half way through my first plate, I got so full that I couldn’t eat another bite! I pushed back from the table and said,

“Wow, that’s weird!”

My wife said, “What?”

“I’m full and I can’t eat another bite!!!”

It was at that point I knew something was happening!

Sometime after those first 3 and half weeks after starting V3 Max, I went out to mow my yard. I was getting my riding mower out when I looked over and saw my push mower and said to myself, “I feel good enough to push mow my yard.” I never had that thought before. I moved the riding mower out of my way to get my push mower and mowed my entire yard. Got done and my knees, back, and hips didn’t hurt!

I went in to take a shower and saw the scales. I stepped on them and couldn’t believe my eyes. I stepped off and stepped on again and still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I hollered out to my wife, “Jenny, are these scales right?” She hollered back, “They are for me.” I stepped on them a third time and they read 300! I had lost 20 pounds at least and I never even knew it!!

Since then, I have lost as of January 10th, just 7 months later – 95 POUNDS!!!! Unbelievable! It’s just unbelievable to me! The most I had ever been able to lose after killing myself with diet and exercise was 30 pounds and that took 6 months on 3 different occasions in the twenty years between graduation and now!

V3 Max has truly made the difference in my life and lifestyle. I’m not going back to the past, but looking ahead to a much brighter, clearer future! As a hospice worker, I know the golden years which lies ahead are often not so golden. But V3 Max has been like gold to me.

Since August, I’ve become a Lifestyle Consultant, selling and recruiting others to join the Vfinity journey. As a result, I’m building a business that allows me to help others in the way I needed help. It allows me to earn money and save money. To anyone seriously considering the three Vfinity products, I highly recommend them to you. If I can be of help, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the Vfinity product line! God bless.”

– Roger Flint, MO

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