Rob K.


“This is one of those cases when words are insufficient in describing elation. Yes, elation!

I’m not exaggerating by saying that I’m probably the last person on earth to take a supplement of any type. But, I just don’t…even though I should.

I make my living as a producer of television programming and as a writer of novels and biographies. Consequently, my days are long and stressful. As a result, I struggle with my weight and oftentimes an overall lack of energy. When posed with the prospect of taking Vfinity’s V3 Max I was frankly very dubious. Well! This is where the ‘elation’ comes in!

After the second day of using V3 Max as directed, I noticed a remarkable transformation within my body. I suddenly had a spring in my step and I was gushing with energy! That hasn’t happened in many, many years! My mind was super alert and my thoughts were clear and focused. I felt like I was sixteen again when everything seemed easy and uncomplicated! Most surprising, my appetite was greatly reduced and my intake was half my norm. Two weeks later, I had lost eleven pounds and I felt like a completely rejuvenated man from head to toe!

Now that I’m approximately one month into the program, I can’t imagine not having V3Max in my life, because truthfully I believe it’s saved my life!”

– Rob Kircher, FL

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