Ashley Pike


“I was introduced to Vfinity by two different people – Ashley Pitts and Joy Courtney. They were taking Vfinity products, and I noticed the weight loss and the energy they had.

I had just had my little girl a year earlier and I was unhappy with my body. I was tired all the time taking care of her, and I just decided to try for the energy. I have been taking V3 Max since February this year.

When I first started taking V3 Max, I noticed the energy. I had so much more energy! I was losing inches! I was losing weight! To this day, I’m still losing inches and losing weight – just not as fast as I did in the beginning. I was at 183 and now I’m at 153 pounds!

My fiancée has just started taking V3 Max. He tried everything else and now he’s decided to take it. He’s been on V3 Max for a month now and has already lost five pounds.

I plan to keep taking V3 Max. I haven’t tried the V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens, but several of my friends take both and love them!

After the holidays, I plan on promoting Vfinity much harder. This time of year gets hectic and crazy. I tell people about my Vfinity experience. I tell people about the products and offer to sample them and go from there. One great thing about Vfinity is that somebody in the company is always willing to help and answer questions. Go to the Vfinity website to read about the products to see if they’re right for you!”

– Ashley Pike, TX

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