Leslie W.


“Hi, my name is Leslie Walthall. I am 32 years old and I live in Henderson, NC. I am a wife and mom to 3 beautiful, active children. My V3 journey began in June. I just had our 3rd child in April and I wanted to take V3 Max to help me lose my baby weight.

I took my V3 Max every day at my magic time (11 AM). I was amazed at how it curbed my appetite and how much energy I had. My mood had completely changed. Not only was my weight coming off, but I was able to keep up with my older two kids and their busy sports schedules and still have enough energy to take care of our littlest.

So I know everyone wants to know my weight loss amount. Here it is – I went to work my first day back from maternity leave wearing a size 18-20. I now wear a size 3-5 and buy my shirts from the Juniors section! I get to wear all the cute clothes now! My weight was 218 pounds and my current weight is 121 pounds! That is a 97 pound weight loss!!! WOW!!!

You probably think I look like a stick after being the size I was but here is the thing . . . V3 Max put my body together. It shifted things into places I didn’t know existed. It re-shaped my body! My husband has made comments over and over about V3 Max, not just about the weight loss, but about my mood, my energy, our alone time!! It gave me confidence that I didn’t know I had! V3 Max gave me a life I never thought I could have. Thank you Vfinity!”

– Leslie Walthall, NC

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