Laura Pacunas


“My name is Laura Pacunas. When I started this business I was only going to order one package of this ‘Happy Skinny Pill’ because I thought to myself that this was too good to be true. I can remember the conversation I had with the lady who I ordered this from. I told her NOT to charge me for another box and DON’T think I’m signing up to sell this. I know that sounds horrible, but I have really tried other network marketing businesses and I had failed in the past. With me being a single mom, I just couldn’t do another one. I really needed to focus on my job and my daughter.

I told nobody what I was doing because I know what they would’ve said – “You’re trying something else? Laura, this will NOT work!” I’m the type of person that gets an idea or I’ll read something and will think that it will work only to have it not work. I’ve been doing this my whole life, it seems.

This was different. In 3 weeks people were noticing a huge difference in my weight, my attitude, and my energy level was amazing. That’s when I started telling people that I was taking V3 Max. They all wanted to try it, so I thought how easy would this be? Give people two free samples of V3 Max and call them in a few days and see how they liked the sample.” So then, I had to call this lady back and tell her that I wanted to sell this after I told her that I would never sell her stuff.

This business has changed my life on many different levels. I feel like enjoying life again. Not only has Vfinity provided the tools for me to be a healthier person, not only with my weight, but it cleared up my acne and gave me back the self-confidence I had once lost. I get to meet so many new people and the best reward is when I get an email telling me how thankful they are for meeting me and introducing them to these products because they are now enjoying life again.

Last, but not least, Vfinity has helped me so much financially. Being a single mom I was able to quit working my second job and I was able to stay home more with my daughter. I’m able to work this business on my time. Vfinity has honestly bettered my life as well as my daughter’s life and I thank Vfinity for that from the bottom of my heart!”

– Laura Pacunas, IL | Executive Director

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