Brooke C.


I was visiting my home town in IL. My sister Crystal had started taking this new Skinny Pill V3 Max. I, like everyone else was extremely skeptical. I came back home to Virginia and kept tabs on her success. The first thing I noticed before anything is how her entire attitude about life had changed. I needed this. I needed to have this kind of quality in life.

I was just at a peak time in my life where I was having major complications that were unbearable. I had become so insulin-resistant that I couldn’t stand to eat even the healthiest food without my sugar spiking. My neuropathy was so severe I couldn’t function.

May 28, 2014 I ended up finally have a Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. I now take Vfinity and my sister more seriously. I am religious at taking V1 Skinny Smoothie, V2 Skinny Greens, and V3 Max. I need them now more than ever! V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens give me the meal replacement and nutrition that my body doesn’t absorb as easily. My surgeon, dietician, and all my doctors think very highly of the ingredients and support me! Although I am already feeling better because I’m healthier I still need my V3 Max to give me the extra push!

I went from falling asleep sitting, being miserable and in pain to now being active, joining the gym, and really changing my entire family’s life around. I get to spend more time with my 4 year old son and my husband. My husband has now started his journey on Vfinity so he can keep up with me!

Only thing I wish is that I would have found V3 Max sooner. If I can prevent anyone else from going through what I had to go through I will do anything I can!”

As of today (Nov 4, 2014) I am currently down 123lbs.

– Brooke Cheney, VA

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