Kayla S.


What Vfinity products have helped you?
V3ORIGINAL but looking forward to trying other Vfinity Products!

What is your total weight loss?
I started my journey at 312lbs. I have used V3 for 5 months and now currently weigh 270lbs. In 6 months, I have lost 42 pounds! I know I still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it with V3!

Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey?
I was diagnosed with a condition that put me on bed rest for a year, I hit my largest weight in my life at 312. After I was released from bed rest, I knew I had to do something. I had to lose weight, but I knew I could not do it alone. The arteries in my left leg were left severely damaged (at this time there is no way to repair the damage) leaving me unable to work out as intensely as I used to.

That’s when a friend told me about V3. I was skeptical, as I had tried everything from Atkins, South Beach Diet, and so many pills it’s impossible for me to count. I joined the Facebook support group and started reading about other people’s stories and decided it was worth a shot. My first week on V3, I lost 3 pounds. I wasn’t exercising very much and was trying to eat healthier. I realized at that moment on my scale that V3 could be a game changer for me.

It has been! I‘ve lost a lot of weight and my energy is through the roof! It’s also helped my moods and has cleared up my acne! It’s a miracle pill! I cannot thank the makers of V3 enough.

What would you tell somebody who is struggling to get healthy, and how would you encourage them to get started?
Never give up, never lose hope, and never stop trying. Anything worth having is worth working for and trust me, your health is worth working for! The greatest part is, with V3, you don’t have to work for it alone!

– Kayla Southerland, OK

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