The Perfect Business Model

At Vfinity we are Customer focused and believe that this is the secret for long-term success in any product driven business.  The major difference between us and other customer-centric businesses is we use a Network Marketing rewards system to encourage and incentivize our sales teams.

We live in an age of social networking and Direct Sales/Network Marketing is a highly effective and proven method to introduce the world to Vfinity’s world-class products.  Arguably it is more effective than traditional forms of advertising and brick and mortar retail types of marketing strategies.

And, with Vfinity’s unique and very powerful compensation plan the average person has the potential to build an independent business.  A business with literally not limits and no boundries!   We put our trusted Vfinity name on it that you’re going to love our products and your enriched LIFEstyle from the inside out!

Why Partner With Vfinity?

There is an age-old saying in business, “integrity starts at the top!”  And with Vfinity this saying holds true.  Alex and Deanna Eliashevsky, Vfinity’s Co-Founders, bring that attention to detail and dedication to their Lifestyle Consultants just like the pioneers in Network Marketing that came before them.

When you partner with Vfinity you can feel very confident in attention to detail that is placed on every aspect of Vfinity’s business operations.  In fact, this is what people say about the differences they see in how Vfinity treats their Lifestyle Consultants compared to other experiences they have had previously.

When all things are considered, Vfinity is a very unique and attractive opportunity.  From stellar products to one of the Industry’s most lucrative compensation plans, Vfinity stands out in the crowd and delivers everything one needs to be successful in Network Marketing!

Top Benefits of Network Marketing

•  Work from anywhere and on your own schedule.
•  Unlimited income potential.  You decide what your time is worth!
•  Ability to earn an ongoing residual income from your efforts and the efforts of others.
•  No employees, payroll taxes, billing, account payables, etc.
•  Tax benefits of a home-based business.
•  Take advantage of the internet and social media.  Unlimited contacts/customers!
•  Help others reach their full potential and develop personally.
•  Low cost of entry for starting your own business.
•  Training and support already in place.
•  Be your own boss!  Work in a stress-free environment at your own pace!

Financial Results Based On Great Products!*

We take our responsibility to you and your family’s health and financial well-being very seriously.  This commitment to excellence drives us!  Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants have the ability to reap the rewards of sharing Vfinity’s world-class nutritional products with customers and other Lifestyle Consultants.

By providing one of the most powerful compensation structures in the Industry, Vfinity provides a financial vehicle which is helping people, many with no previous experience in network marketing, achieve impressive part-time and full-time level incomes.

At Vfinity, we put the same level of thought and research into our compensation plan as we do each product we offer our family members.   You are important to us!

Become a Lifestyle Consultant

If you are interested in finding out more about working with Vfinity then we encourage you to find out how it works and how you can get started!

Take the first step to what could be a life changing future for you and your family!

* There is no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle implied here.  Your results will vary based on your own individual efforts.

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