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Crush Your Cravings


A craving is a message from your body. Decode those messages and learn what your body is really telling you!

Are You In A Cravings Cycle?


Is It A Craving or Is It Hunger?

Are you actually experiencing physiological hunger or psychological hunger?


Before You Eat, Rate Your Hunger!

Avoid going below 2 or above 8 on the hunger scale. Remember, your body needs a minimum of 1200 calories a day to function well.


H.A.L.T. Before You Eat!

If your hunger rating is 5 or above, you may be experiencing a psychological craving instead of true hunger which means you need to act rather than eat.



Craving, Identify Yourself!

A craving is a sign that your body wants a certain nutrient. Unfortunately, our cravings often steer us away from nutritious foods and lead us to eat foods that lack these actual nutrients.




Craving Busters!

Three well-balanced meals along with several healthy snacks will keep those cravings at bay! When cravings hit, combine a fruit or veggie with a protein for a healthy snack!




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    This is a real life use for me that I will put into real use !

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