June's Qualified Associates: Hailee Hilliary, GA • Angie Mills, GA • Amy Gallagher, FL • Shantill Davis, TX • Ryan Fatheree, IL • Samantha Robinson, NC • Crystal Jones, FL • Mickie Harvey, LA • Linda Neely, GA • Robyn Stech, TX • Brittany Brown, TX • Judy Eaves, TX • Cynthia Edwards, NC • Tiffany Roby, FL • Mike Schroeder, VA • Anna Cheney, VA • Breanna Long, GA


Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s a challenge with a huge reward at the end – a skinnier You!

With Vfinity, the rewards are infinite! We offer an array of exciting, fresh new challenges every month to motivate and inspire everybody to become Vfinity champions! Whether you’re promoting the Vfinity Opportunity or just looking for a fun contest to become fitter and healthier, there’s an option that’s right for you!

Our Lifestyle Consultants can earn FREE products, win prizes and bonuses, or fly away on company-sponsored vacations to exotic places!

Our Customers can also earn FREE Vfinity products or embark on a personal challenge to find their skinny! We’re Vfinity, where skinny isn’t just natural – it’s FUN!

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