July's Directors: Mark Howell, GA • Angie Mills, GA • Susie Crapps, GA July's Qualified Associates: Venecia Scheid, MO • Aida Moreno, TX • Paula Freeman, GA • Bianca Alvarado, IL • Marilla Tubsbs, TX • Mandy Chaney, GA • Holly Geronzin, GA • Mila Panushka, MN • Ashley Beckum, GA • Kerry Todd, MO

Category Thursdays – Product Highlights


Feel Healthier than I have in Years!

What Vfinity products have helped you? All three. V3MAX has helped me lose my weight. V2 Skinny Greens make me feel healthy and gives me the nutrients I need. V1 Skinny Smoothie is an easy and delicious way for me to get a good breakfast on the go. What is your total weight loss? I ...

Extra Boost of Energy!

What Vfinity products have helped you? V1 Skinny Smoothie V2 Skinny Greens V3MAX What Do You Like Best About Vfinity Products? I love the V1 Skinny Smoothie! I have never tasted such an amazing product, and I’ve had almost every smoothie on the market! After I tasted it, I thought, “This can not be what ...

Ask Me For A Sample!

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX! What is your total weight loss? 60+ lbs. Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey? I was diagnosed as T2 Diabetic and HAD to lose weight, I started with a sample and loved it. What would you tell somebody who is struggling to get healthy, and how ...

My Story Is Just Beginning

What Vfinity products have helped you? I use V3MAX and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! What is your total weight loss? When I started V3MAX a year ago I weighed 240 lbs., which is the MOST I have ever weighed. After being on V3MAX, I have lost 66 lbs. and currently weigh 173. Tell us briefly ...

I’m Ready For A New Me!

What Vfinity products have helped you? I am taking the Yellow V3 Max, and have sampled the Red V3 Max. I am also taking the V2 Skinny Greens, and V1 Smoothie. What is your total weight loss (please include starting weight and current weight, or # of inches lost. Share what you feel comfortable sharing). ...

“I Was Filled With Cant’s and Don’ts, Today I Am More Toned, Muscular, and Leaner!”

As an overseas mission minister, Chiyona Bourne lived on a low income so she believed she couldn’t afford healthy foods. She was overweight and tired of it! That’s when she found V3 Max and she traded in the unhealthy options for healthier salads and added the Vfinity Skinny System. Now, Chiyona jets around the world ...

“Not Only Are Vfinity Products World-Class…

“Not Only Are Vfinity Products World-Class, The Compensation Plan Is The Best Out There!” Executive Director, Deb Landreman is a highly experienced network marketer and business woman who recognizes a good business opportunity and compensation plan when she sees it! Vfinity offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry with a duplicable training ...

Set Goals And Set Out To Meet Them!

We love celebrating significant milestones! Crystal Reavis Matthews reached Executive Director last week! We’re thrilled to have such a lovely, classy lady representing Vfinity who is committed to help others become healthier. Crystal is an example of someone who absolutely never gives up despite setbacks. She looks for solutions and helps others meet their goals! ...

“I Got My Life, My Sanity, and My Confidence Back!”

"I Got My Life, My Sanity, and My Confidence Back! V3 MAX Helped Me Get There!" Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants offer immeasurable support to everyone who is trying to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes. We are truly a family, connected through the bonds of a common goal – to find better health and wellness! We’re united ...

“I Decided To Change My Lifestyle! I’ve Lost 51 Pounds with V3 Max!”

Your thyroid is one of the most influential glands on your body’s metabolic processes. Through hormone production, your thyroid can influence weight loss or weight gain. When Amber Donovan had twins and started birth control, her thyroid reacted to the hormones in her birth control and stopped working. She gained a lot of weight and ...
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