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Archives December 2015


“To This Day, I’m Still Losing Inches and Losing Weight!”

The good news about V3 Max is spreading fast. When Ashley Pike noticed two of her friends losing weight and enjoying extra energy, she had to know what they were doing. After having her baby, Ashley was eager to have her pre-baby body back. More important, she wanted the extra energy to keep up with ...

My Vfinity Business Has Changed My Life On Many Different Levels.

“My Vfinity Business Has Changed My Life On Many Different Levels. I Was Able to Quit Working My Second Job!” After trying several network marketing companies, Laura Pacunas was NOT interested in promoting Vfinity but loved the products. Within 3 weeks of using the products, people noticed a difference in Laura’s weight, attitude, and energy ...

“The Energy and Appetite Control of V3 Max is Amazing!”

When we see the people closest to us suffering from a lack of health and wellness, it’s natural to want to help. With the Vfinity 1-2-3 system, now you can help your loved ones achieve their goals! Amanda Dement was introduced to Vfinity and immediately thought of her husband. His weight had them both worried ...

“I Was Filled With Cant’s and Don’ts, Today I Am More Toned, Muscular, and Leaner!”

As an overseas mission minister, Chiyona Bourne lived on a low income so she believed she couldn’t afford healthy foods. She was overweight and tired of it! That’s when she found V3 Max and she traded in the unhealthy options for healthier salads and added the Vfinity Skinny System. Now, Chiyona jets around the world ...

“Not Only Are Vfinity Products World-Class…

“Not Only Are Vfinity Products World-Class, The Compensation Plan Is The Best Out There!” Executive Director, Deb Landreman is a highly experienced network marketer and business woman who recognizes a good business opportunity and compensation plan when she sees it! Vfinity offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry with a duplicable training ...

The Possibilities With Vfinity Are Unlimited!

Network marketing veteran and direct sales extraordinaire John Simpson II recently joined the Vfinity team and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him onboard! Already, he’s lost 26 pounds in just seven weeks using V3 Max! Plus, he’s made amazing strides in building his team and earning extra bonuses! When it comes to choosing ...
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