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Archives March 2015


“I Have Energy! I Feel Like I Am 30 Years Younger!”

Della Leake’s eyes are positively sparkling these days! She’s got a secret to better health and wellness that she’d like to share with everyone. All that extra energy, the sharpened focus, the renewed vitality, and the weight loss you’ve noticed in her are all because of Vfinity! Della’s Vfinity business is exploding! Her commissions pay ...

Friendship Power!

How To Find A Weight Loss Buddy with Vfinity! Do you feel alone in your weight loss journey? Research published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 2005 shows that people who had a diet and weight loss buddy, lost weight faster, more successfully, and kept that weight off longer! Forming a support system is crucial ...

“I Have Lost 40lbs With No Effort!”

“I Have Lost 40 Pounds With No Effort! One Pill A Day! It Was That Easy!“ Emotional eating leads people to eat high calorie and high carbohydrate foods that have little to no nutritional value. It’s estimated that 40% of people overeat because of stress. That was true for Cindy Faussett who began medicating herself ...

“I’ve Never Been More Proud To Work For Such An Amazing Company as Vfinity!”

Snacking was Jennifer Overstreet’s downfall and those extra potato chips and candy bars were adding up on the scale. As the proud mother of two sweet twin boys, Jennifer’s time was limited and her stress level was high. But when Ashlee Vickers introduced Jennifer to Vfinity, she knew she had found the solution to her ...

“V3 Max Helps With My Portion Control!”

TaKisha Kegler is on her way to stardom and nothing is going to stop this talented singer from becoming a superstar, especially not her weight!! After her band’s inaugural performance, TaKisha was startled to see herself in her fan’s photos and realized she needed to find her inner skinny! She tracked down Stephanie Kovar who ...

Probiotics in Yogurt and Type II Diabetes – What’s The Link?

Probiotics in Yogurt and Type II Diabetes - What’s The Link?Learn About the Greek Yogurt In Vfinity’s V1 Skinny Smoothie! Scientists have discovered that an extra serving of yogurt a day could reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes by up to 18%! The theory is that the probiotics reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. ...

“I’m Looking To A Much Brighter, Clearer Future!”

In September, we profiled Roger Flint who had lost an amazing 55 pounds! Read his first testimony here. But we couldn’t believe our eyes as the pounds kept falling off and he kept busy shopping for new pants and suits that would fit his new, skinny size! Now, Roger has lost 95 pounds and is ...
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