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Archives February 2015


The Economic Impact of Obesity! Is Vfinity The Answer?

New data is showing an alarming trend of rising obesity rates with a huge price tag! By 2030, experts predict that nearly half of America’s population will be obese and the global cost of obesity is reaching nearly 2 Trillion per year! That’s nearly as much as the cost of war, terrorism and smoking! Could ...

“Now I Have Hope!”

“Now I Have Hope! My Life Has Changed Thanks to V3 Max!” Over 47% of women who give birth retain at least 10 extra pounds according to a recent study in Obstetrics and Gynecology*. Post-partum weight loss was a struggle for Kyrah-Lyn Mitchell after her fourth child was born. Now, Kyrah-Lyn is finding her pre-pregnancy ...

“I Will Always Take V3 Max For The Energy!!”

When Joy Delight Courtney got super busy with Mommy duties, she forgot to re-order her V3 Max and noticed an immediate difference in her energy level. Now, she makes sure she always keeps her V3 Max in stock and vows never to run out again! Not only does V3 Max keep a smile on her ...

“Because of Vfinity, I Make Better Choices…

“Because of Vfinity, I Make Better Choices Because I Don’t Crave The Sweets or Carbs Like I Used To!” Getting healthy was Brenda Dearing’s primary goal when she began Vfinity. Various health issues plagued her and getting out of the house was difficult. With Vfinity, her cravings for sweets and carbs decreased and she lost ...

“It Wasn’t Until I Was Introduced To V3 Max That I Had Real Success!”

Holly Mizell is a certified Zumba instructor and a competing body builder who has tried several supplements. After being introduced to the clean energy of V3 Max, she decided to incorporate the V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens into her health routine. Now, she enters competitions with confidence, knowing Vfinity products are all-natural! Vfinity ...

“I Wanted To Be My Own Boss with Vfinity!”

“I Wanted To Be My Own Boss with Vfinity! I Thought There Was No Way It Could Be This Easy!” Have you ever gone to work on Monday and wished you were your own boss? How would your life be different if you worked for you instead of somebody else? Ashlee Vickers found out how ...
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