Our Customers Define Our Success!

We believe that the happiness and satisfaction of our Customers are the keys to long-term success.  The significant difference between Vfinity and other product-focused businesses is we use a Direct Sales Rewards System to incentivize and compensate our team of brand ambassadors that we fondly refer to as “Lifestyle Consultants.”


What Makes Direct Sales a Great Business for Today?

We live in an era where social networking is our primary way of doing business, and Direct Sales is a highly effective and proven method to share the love of our product line with friends and family.  As more people turn to the internet instead of traditional brick and mortar retail stores to make purchases, a direct sales business stands out in the crowd because of the relationship and level of quality customer service created between a Lifestyle Consultant and their Customer.

Starting a direct sales business is a great way to earn extra income, meet new people, and create friendships with like-minded people!  Our modern Compensation Plan has redefined the way the way our sales team earns money, making it less complex and easy to understand exactly how you get paid!

Do I Have What It Takes To Start A Vfinity Business?

This is a simple question.  Do you have time to spend sharing your love of health and wellness through the use of Vfinity products?  There is no right or wrong answer to the number of hours you will need to devote each week to promoting your business, but you will need to consistently devote time to your business if you want to see results.

The number of hours you invest will determine how quickly your new Vfinity business will grow.   you’ll receive endless support and encouragement from all of us, with assistance every step of the way!

“Investing in our people from the bottom up is what makes Vfinity great, and is what will continue to make Vfinity incredible as we redefine what it means to be people that directly sell the products we use and love to others.”

-Alex Eliashevsky, CEO

Top Reasons to Start a Vfinity Business

  • Work from anywhere and on your own schedule.
  • There’s unlimited income potential, where you decide what your time is worth!
  • Ability to earn an ongoing residual income from the efforts of you and your team.
  • No employees, payroll taxes, billing, account payables, etc.
  • Tax benefits of a home-based business.
  • Help others reach their full potential and develop personally.
  • Low cost of entry to start your own business.
  • Exceptional training and support already in place.
  • Be your own boss!  Work in a stress-free environment at your own pace!

More benefits of becoming a Lifestyle Consultant are:

  • You’ll get a FREE website, which means you don’t have to pay expensive fees to build one out for your business!
  • Receive gorgeous and professional social media graphics and other marketing materials and artwork so that you can share your business in superior style!

Set Clear Intentions for Your Life

Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants reap the financial and personal rewards just by “Sharing Good Health” with friends, family and their immediate sphere of influence.

Vfinity delivers an aggressive Compensation Plan that provides its valued Lifestyle Consultants (many of whom have no previous experience in direct sales,) the ability to achieve impressive part-time and full-time incomes.

Become a Lifestyle Consultant TODAY!

Interested in becoming a Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant?   Take the first step towards a life changing future for you and your family by learning more.

So, you’ve decided you want to change your life and the lives of others by Sharing Good Health?

* There is no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle implied here.  Your results will vary based on your own individual efforts.

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