We’ve been talking all month long about the many temptations we face when it comes to holiday themed drinks and treats. The genius marketing teams from your favorite coffee bar receive an “A++” for making sure they tap into all of our holiday emotions and feels, convincing us that we need one of their drinks to get into the holiday spirit!

Disguised in their pretty decorative cups as magical beverages, what were actually being served is a cup packed full of heaps of sugar, calories, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Treating yourself to one of these beverages is by no means a reward; it’s actually a punishment to your body.

If you’re one of those people just like us who love the nostalgic feelings that the holidays bring about, including the “tastes” of the season, we have some great news right here!!!!!

We’ve created a V1 SMOOTHIE Holiday Recipe Guide featuring our healthy versions of some of the most popular holiday coffee bar drinks.

Now, you can have all of the fun and taste without any of the bad stuff!

POWER UP WITH PROTEIN INSTEAD of sugar and artificial ingredients!

V1 Smoothie does the body good:

  • It’s a superior source of power packed protein
  • Delicious Vanilla Taste!
  • Sustains Energy Without Hunger
  • Promotes Weight Loss by Igniting Your Metabolism
  • Builds, Restores and Maintains Lean Muscle
  • Contains added collagen for improved skin and stronger hair & nails
  • Made up of whole food, premium ingredients that you can feel good about
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