The scientific evidence is compelling and transparent that probiotics are one of the most important daily supplements to add to your health and wellness program.


Q: What does Probiotic mean?

Pro means “for,” and Biosis means “Life.”  The word probiotic essentially translates to “Good Bacteria” or “For life.”


Q: What is the function of good bacteria?

There are four things:

  1. Immune Health: 60% of our immune system lies in our intestines, and the “good bacteria” provides the optimal environment for our Immune system to do what it does best.
  2. Digestion: We all know the cliché, “we are what we eat,” but it comes down to “we are what we absorb.” Without good bacteria in our gut, our body cannot absorb the nutrients from our food.
  3. Elimination: The good bacteria in our bodies aid in the removal and breakdown of nutrients, and are also responsible for getting rid of the” junk” in our systems. There are many potential causes of constipation, and a good probiotic along with staying hydrated may help to ease this uncomfortable problem that many seniors often experience.
  4. Vitamin Production: Good bacteria make most, if not all of our body’s B vitamins. The B Vitamins are not only good for “energy” but are also important for heart health, specifically Vitamin B6, B12, and Folic acid. The “good bacteria” also makes our vitamin K2, which is critical for our bones and heart.

Q: Who needs to take a probiotic?

Everyone!  If you’re breathing, you should be taking a probiotic.


Q: What Can Probiotics be Used to Treat?

Probiotics provide relief from digestive problems, such as GERD, gastritis, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, and bloating.   A probiotic is also used to treat people with skin problems or autoimmune issues, such as Psoriasis, Lupus, Scleroderma or Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few.


Q:  What if I don’t have any pre-existing conditions?  Can I still benefit from a probiotic?

Absolutely!  A probiotic boost the immune system and also aids in digestion, elimination and helps the body to produce the necessary B vitamins as discussed above.  All of these things are very important to our overall good health, and this is why taking a daily probiotic is so essential.


Q: Are there any side effects to taking a probiotic?

There are entirely no contraindications to taking a probiotic.  It is even safe to take a probiotic during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Q: When should I take my probiotic?

Don’t make it into a science project.  Just take it twice a day with meals, so it’s simple and easy.


Q: How is Vbiotic different from other probiotics on the market today?

  1. PlusBiotics: Vbiotic contains PlusBiotics that help to rebuild intestinal mucosa and increase absorption of the pre and pro-biotics in Vbiotic. This combination makes for a powerful and extraordinary blend of ingredients.
  2. Superior Capsule Technology: Our unique capsule technology is designed to resist the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver billions of viable units of probiotic organisms to the small and large intestines, exactly where you need them. If you are using an inferior probiotic in a standard capsule, the majority of those organisms get killed off before they make it to your intestines.


*This question and answer session and the information contained within this post are taken from an interview Vfinity conducted with Dr. Derick DeSIlva, Internist.  The above information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, and it is always recommended to consult with your physician before taking any health supplements.

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