Change Takes Consistency. STOP stopping!

Have you set big goals for your health and wellness in 2020?

The NUMBER ONE thing you can do is commitment to consistency.

Start each day with a plan!

  • A lot of us just sit around waiting and making promises about who we are going to be and what we’re going to do. We begin each new year with goals or resolutions and yet statistics show that after just two weeks into the new year, 90% of those resolutions get thrown by the way side.
  • We convince ourselves that the right time just hasn’t come along yet.…..it’s an excuse that allows us to stay in extreme comfort. We think that we have all of this time to waste while we evaluate our options and think through our goals. Yet, it is this exact mindset that keeps us from ever achieving them.

What we can do differently this year to change our outcomes??

Does the idea of losing weight and getting healthier sound better to you than actually doing the work to get there? Until you start telling yourself the truth about what’s really going on, you’re never going to get there. Tools and programs only work when you do.

If you don’t change it, it means you’re choosing it.

We have to learn to develop the habit of doing something even when we don’t want to do it.

We need to stop wishing for things to get better and to just fix themselves. Nothing happens without commitment, and that means showing up every day even when we don’t feel like it. Action is the only way to change things in our lives. We need to Get up and move forward towards our goals against all odds.

It’s what separates the average from the savage.

We need to quit the mentality of giving ourselves a way out, and to stop listening to the voice of comfort that’s telling us to stay in bed, skip the workouts, eat the potato chips, etc.

We have to make a decision to commit to NOT stop just because it’s not comfortable to us.

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