Vfinity wants you to understand what cGMP means when it comes to our manufacturing

All Vfinity products are manufactured in a fully compliant cGMP-manufacturing facility. This means that all Vfinity products have demonstrated a strong regulatory compliance of national standards.

So, what exactly is a cGMP Compliant Manufacturing Facility?

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMPs) regulation is a primary regulatory standard for ensuring quality in dietary supplements. cGMP is enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the quality of products in all aspects.

Our cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility, carries out manufacturing, packaging and marketing of our products with adherence to cGMP guidelines. Our manufacturer ensures that every single one of our products meet cGMP regulations in each and every aspect of compliance.

Our globally recognized manufacturer aims at providing the highest level of product safety, because quality will always be the heartbeat of Vfinity!

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