Why Everyone Should Be Taking a Probiotic!

The scientific evidence is compelling and transparent that probiotics are one of the most important daily supplements to add to your health and wellness program.   Q: What does Probiotic mean? Pro means “for,” and Biosis means “Life.”  The word probiotic essentially translates to “Good Bacteria” or “For life.”   Q: What is the function ...

Get Your Weight In Check for Joint Health!

Get Your Weight In Check for Joint Health! Did you know that approximately one-third of overweight people suffer from either arthritis or chronic joint pain?  According to a Wake Forest University study of patients diagnosed with knee ostheoarthritis, when 10 pounds of weight was lost, 40 pounds of pressure was lifted from the knee.  Pretty ...

Preventing Lifestyle Disease

Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle TODAY! As we #RewindItBackInTime this month, we want to educate you on topics regarding keeping or reclaiming your good health! Today, we’re talking about understanding and preventing the hot topic of Lifestyle Disease. What is Lifestyle Disease? A “lifestyle disease” was pretty much unheard of amongst our ancestors many decades ...
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