Kick Start Your Metabolism Each Morning with V3 COFFEE!

Experience the extraordinary taste of premium roasted Colombian Arabica coffee that gives you much, much more than just energy!

V3 COFFEE is a weight management coffee that provides the added benefits of elevated mood, appetite control, extended energy, plus a specially formulated vitamin complex for better focus and mental clarity.  Its liquid delivery format provides you with instant results in a delicious coffee format.  It’s instant coffee with instant results!*

B-Complex Vitamins, natural caffeine and clean organic cocoa with a delicious buttery taste!

Suggested use for Maximum Effectiveness
Each container of V3COFFEE contains 30 daily servings of coffee. Use the provided scoop and add one full scoop of coffee to your cup. Now add 4 to 8oz  of hot or cold water (depending on desired coffee strength) and mix for 30 seconds!



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