Vanessa T.


“My best friend, Gina Bagley confessed to me that she had been taking V3 Max for a few months and told me she wanted me to try it since it was ‘gluten-free’ and see how I felt.

I love how the Vfinity products have helped my mood and helped me find my way out of depression I couldn’t seem to shake. Being able to share my story and these products have changed my life and made me want to be a better ‘me’ than I was the day before.

After I attended the Vfinity 2015 National Meeting in June, I have to say that I am truly inspired by all the folks involved with Vfinity. The knowledge that Kevin Thomas and Dr. Derrick DeSilva have and are so willing to share is a real motivation. It’s a true team at Vfinity! They believe in the product and the team!

My best friend Gina Bagley and I have been through so many things together. When she confessed in December of this past year that she had been taking this “magic skinny pill” that was gluten-free and that she had lost weight and was feeling so much better; I was game to try it since I had been diagnosed a year before with Celiac disease and am on a strict gluten-free diet.

I had struggled with depression and just not feeling good about myself most of last year so I was skeptical of trying it. I was very impressed when I could tell a difference after just a few days. I had lost some weight after going gluten-free but I still had no energy and had lost my smile.

I am happy to say that since starting the V3 Max at the end of December that I have started losing weight again, the inches have dropped, my energy level has increased significantly and most importantly I have been able to find that smile again! I have now added the V1 Skinny Smoothie and the V2 Skinny Greens to my daily regimen and can’t go a day without them!

I am excited about the motivation that we can all share with each other through our teams. I am so thankful God has given me friends, family, and these Vfinity products to help me. I am blessed to be able to share with others what He has done and what these amazing products can do for them.”

– E. Vanessa Thrift, GA

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