Theresa R.


“I was introduced to Vfinity through a friend. I read her posts online. Prior to that, I had tried HCG drops and I was dropping weight like crazy. She asked what I was doing. She tried HCG drops and then she came across V3. HCG is so restricted and it’s no way of life for anyone to be on. After I dropped the weight, I gained it back and more.

Kevin Thomas said on a call that these fad diets set you up to fail. That’s one thing that I have learned teaching my customers, these fad diets only work temporarily. When you go off of them you go back to your regular lifestyle and you gain weight.

I bought a six month supply of V3 MAX because she was having such great success. I didn’t listen to the rules about how to use V3 MAX properly. I lost some weight here and there but I wasn’t ready to be on a diet yet. After I paid attention to the idea that I had to drink the water and avoid artificial sweeteners I started losing weight and I started feeling really good.

I wasn’t in it for the business from the get go – just for my personal use. When I started losing the weight, people started asking me what I was doing. I started paying attention in the team rooms where people were really promoting Vfinity. So I started doing the same thing.

Business started up. I started sampling people. Since starting V3 Max, I lost 50 pounds. I’ve now started all 3 products, V1 Skinny Smoothie, V2 Skinny Greens, and V3 Max. I’m still losing and I’m shrinking. It’s phenomenal. It’s amazing. The mind-set I now have and how I feel about these products makes it so easy to sell and to find the people to sell it to.

My youngest daughter is 21 and is on all three products. She’s a second semester nursing student and a size 0. She’s just a peanut – 125 lbs soaking wet. She said, “Mom, I can tell you feel good because your whole attitude has changed.” She signed up so she could get the products cheaper and she’s had great success. Her skin is no longer dry. Now with the water and products, she feels healthier. She’s lost about 10 pounds. My other half takes it as well. The energy kick is good for him.

I excited about where this company is going and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I am in this for me and my customers. If I could, I would stand on top of a mountain and scream how good these products are because I want everyone who needs them to have them! I have quite a few people responding to the last 60 samples. People who I sampled months ago are contacting me. It’s starting to actually work. It’s coming together. I let those who I sample know how excited I am for them. I am here for them. We are all in the same boat together. The people in the rooms are here for them. I love the company and the support we get is phenomenal.

I’m working my way to paying down some bills. We were grateful to get new tires for the car without worrying where the money was coming from. It’s nice to not have financial worries. My goals are for rank advancement so I listen to the Monday night conferences about the Road to Executive with Sandi Burgess. A lot of people signed up under me. I need to get them more involved to help me advance. My goal is to become Executive Director and help those people help people.

Success Tips From Theresa!

• It’s vital that you eat. It’s been over a year when I’ve said “I’m hungry or I’m starving” I have no desire to eat but food is vital. It’s so important to eat – it’ vital.

• Download the app Water Your Body, so you used to the water quantity that you need to drink. It’s hard for people to drink as much water as they need to – it’s quite the reminder.

• Always have some healthy snacks accessible. If you don’t eat, you won’t lose.

• Share your story. I had shared my before and now picture. Nobody on my personal page had seen my before and now picture. That’s incredible. People were commenting on my wall about these pictures and contacting me to tell them about this Vfinity. Just by posting my pictures, an acquaintance of mine bought a Skinny Pak. Get the word out there as far as from a sales standpoint.

• Use the support groups. Heart soul body mind, I want you to have what I have. If you’re not losing, you’re not doing something right. What is it I can help you with? Let’s straighten this out.

• Eat breakfast. People who have a hard time eating breakfast don’t lose weight. A high protein breakfast is when I have my V1 Skinny Smoothie which gets me motivated and gets me going.

• Call the office when you need help. Alex rocks. A girl I had just signed up had a problem with a gift certificate – normally I would call my up-line. I messaged Alex even though I have never talked to the man before and told him who I was and gave her info to him. He responded very quickly and said, “Don’t you worry about it. Call Kenny directly.” Within ten minutes my problem was resolved. That was amazing. Everything was handled and it was all taken care of. I was grateful that he responded as quickly as he did. Everything was taken care of within a half hour. Who would do that and go above and beyond for us? We’re overwhelmed by the attention, the family, and the importance with how they make me feel. I’m just a grain of sand and he made me feel like I was a boulder.”

– Theresa R, Illinois

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