TaKisha K.


“I am the lead singer of our new band, Uncommon Objects. We had our first show in September. I had a special outfit made. Then we had a second show in a town called Nacogdoches, TX. People took pictures of the show and put them on Facebook. I was in shock with how big I got.

I heard of the happy skinny pill from a lady at the high school where I worked, Stephanie. She invited me to her house and she explained what Vfinity does. It was a no brainer to me. Obesity and heart problems run in my family. I have a thyroid disorder and high blood pressure that causes my weight to fluctuate.

So, I started taking V3 Max. I don’t know how many pounds I’ve lost but I have noticed all the inches dropping away. When I was transferred to the high school, at first I had to order the size 2X T-shirts. The last T-shirt I ordered was an extra-large!
Stephanie has been really inspirational in her journey of losing weight and has been very supportive of me. One tip she gave me was to take my medication in the morning and the pill at night and the weight comes off faster. I’ve noticed I don’t eat or crave things like I used to. I love sweets. I don’t have the need or urge to eat the sweets like I used to. It helps with the portion control since I get so full so quickly. My energy level is great and my mood is wonderful. I’ve been really happy with the results.

There was a time a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. I lost a whole bunch of weight then. I’d like to get back to that weight, at 175 for my health. Ten years ago I lost one of my uncles to a heart attack and lost another uncle recently who also had a heart attack on a football field. Those losses shook me up. I want to be healthier. I want to look good. Especially when I’m up on stage with my band, I want to be in the spotlight and I want to be a superstar!

Now, people are noticing me and have been asking me left and right how I’ve lost weight. I refer them to Stephanie. I’ve never had these results before. Thank you Vfinity. Thank you Stephanie. Thank you God. God bless you all!”

– TaKisha K., TX

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