Susan P.


I have a testimony I would like to share. I got started on the Vfinity health and wellness system at the beginning of tax season in February after visiting the laboratory in Naples, FL where the products are developed. That was important to me to see because of the many health products that are on the market. I was truly impressed with the owner and product manufacturer, Kevin Thomas and the fact that Dr. DeSilva Jr., Vfinity’s Chief Medical Advisor was involved with these products.

I work solo in my tax preparation business and prepare approximately 180 tax returns each year. My days are full….meeting with my clients, calling to get additional information, letting them know when their work is completed, meeting with them once again to go over their work, and then staying up until midnight to 1 AM to enter the data into the tax program. Since I am so busy during the day meeting with my clients, I have to wait until evening to input the information into my computer program. My goal was to get at least 7 to 8 hours of rest each night, but because of the daily workload, sometimes I found it hard to sleep and would wake up tired.

Each morning I would take our V3 Max tablet and drink our V2 Skinny Greens. Taking both products would wake me up and give me the boost I needed to carry on another day. Mid-day, I would drink the V1 Skinny Smoothie to get the nutrients my body needed to stay healthy. During the tax season for the past 37 years, my body would go through havoc. I explain it this way….my body is in full motion during the tax season and the adrenalin is flowing to keep me going forward….when the tax season starts to slow down towards the end and comes to a close, my body becomes confused….does it keep going forward or does it go into reverse to slow down? That is when I feel washed out and tired.

This year was totally different and it was the first time ever that my body did not go through that confusing cycle and caused me to be wiped out. I want to share this because I am thrilled with the results and will not be without the Vfinity products ever! I cannot nor will not go back to what I experienced in past years.

Another bonus is this….during the tax season I either gain weight or lose weight. This year I maintained my same weight – the weight I feel good at. The reason I would gain weight in the past is because I burned so many calories and to make up for it I would stuff myself with lots of carbs. If I lost weight it was because I wasn’t taking the time to eat…just work, work, work! We know that is not healthy, and that led me to feeling washed out after the tax season ended. This year, all those issues that I experienced in past years were gone and I feel GREAT every day!

All I can ask is that you at least check the products out for yourself. Yes, this is direct selling but what better way is there to get the message out and share your testimony and help others?!”

– Susan Powers, Florida

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