April's Directors: Tony DeLoach, GA • Brittany Cole, GA April's Qualified Associates: Emily Rylander, GA • Janet Coker, GA • John Cole, GA • Taylor Simpson, GA • Brooklyn Payne, GA • Sandy DeLoach, GA • Kayron Mullis, GA • Duc Nguyen, SC • Brittney Taylor, IL • Veronica McDonough, GA • Vanessa Dyer, TX • Alex Garabedian, FL • Sandy Garrity, AZ

Sue M.


“I found V3 Max at a vendor show. I was offered a free two day sample. I took that V3 right there at the show and within 15 minutes I felt happy had some energy that I haven’t felt in years! I went back and bought a month supply. Then, I came home and cleaned my house while smiling the whole time!

I thought if I didn’t lose one pound at least I was happy and had the energy I didn’t have before. On my two day sample alone I lost 9lbs and 2 1/2 inches out of my stomach. In the first month of taking V3 Max, I lost 17 pounds! As of today I’m down 57 lbs and a whole bunch of inches! Thanks, Vfinity!”

– Sue Miranda, IL

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