Shannon M.


“Hello everyone, my name is Shannon McGowan. I’m from Mountain Grove, MO. I started my Vfinity journey 5 months ago. I have lost 37 pounds and so many inches, going from a size 18 jean size to a size 10!

When I have shared my story, I always mention that the happy skinny pill has given me my life back! I found “me” again after losing myself so long. I simply love the V3 Max and it was a natural decision for me to build a business with Vfinity because of this love of the products. The V3 Max gives me energy and focus! It puts me in a better mood and the weight is simply melting off!

So of course I was being noticed by a lot of my friends. I’m a walking billboard, so I decided to start looking at making Vfinity a serious business. I heard of the things the company had out there for their people to achieve but really never thought I would be there any time soon. You know when you just start out with an opportunity; you don’t think you will make any top lists for a while! Well this company has different plans for us. They don’t care where you rank, or how long you’ve been doing it, they just want you succeed from the time you start!

Last month, I was the 1st place winner for the Top Recruiter’s Contest where we competed to see who could sponsor the most associates! I signed 15 people, made the Top Performer’s List and also made 3rd in the company for the month of November and I made the Business Builder’s Bonus Pool! I’ve only been doing this business for 5 months!

In the month of February I have ranked advanced to Executive Director! Could not be happier and could not have done it without the support of my team!

I feel blessed to have discovered Vfinity and thank the person who introduced it to me through just a simple sample of V3 Max! I love what I do and that includes helping people achieve their goals and dreams for both health and wealth! And I’m just getting started!!!!”

– Shannon McGowan, MO

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