Marci C.


“Have you ever been just sitting around thinking, ‘I really need to lose this weight?’ I did that for months and months as I just kept growing and growing. Unfortunately I was growing wider and wider. I am not a very tall person so the 184 pounds I was carrying was definitely not good for me. It wasn’t good for my health. It wasn’t good for my appearance and definitely not good for my confidence. I was FAT. I felt ugly. I felt depressed. Most of all I felt unhealthy.

In February 2015, I could no longer fit in my size 15’s. I decided it was time. This was too much. I finally broke down and contacted my friend about this pill. She simply gave me Roger Flint’s number. I called him, very skeptical of this little pill that did it all. I decided okay I will give it 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, if I didn’t feel better then I wasn’t going to do it. Well, guess what? In 2 weeks I felt amazing! I was down 10lbs and my clothes were so much looser.

I was never a soda person but boy did I love sweet tea. I would stop at McDonald’s 3-4 times a day for that large sweet tea. After a week of taking V3 Max, I did not even want that sweet tea. What?! Crazy isn’t it? I am a southern girl and I gave up sweet tea just like that. Holy smokes! If this little pill does that then what else can it do? So, I kept going.

I took my happy skinny pill every morning. I didn’t have to make sure I was drinking plenty of water. I WANTED it. WATER, WATER, WATER, all day long!! That’s what I do. See, I have three small children. They are very active. They are engaged in every activity you can think of. I don’t have time to take from them. Sorry, I’m not a selfish person. So working out at the gym everyday is not an option for me. Not right now. Not with my 60 hour a week job. My little pill and my water keeps me with my children and attending every event.

After a couple months of my little pill, I was down a total of 26 lbs and three pant sizes. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t stop there. I still have some weight to shed. Now here I sit 4 months later, and I am down an unbelievable 32 lbs. Guys, I weigh 152 lbs and I am proud to say it. I can no longer fit into those dreaded size 15 pants, but I can sure fit into a size 8. No more depression, no more feeling fat, no more feeling unhealthy. That’s not for this chick anymore. Confidence and happiness!!! And I will keep on going…..all thanks to my little happy skinny pill!!!”

– Marci Caudill, MO

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