Kyrah-Lynn M.


“My name is Kyrah-Lyn Mitchell. I’m excited to say I’ve been on V3 Max for 2 months now! I fluctuate on the scale so I don’t weigh myself much but went from jean size 13/14 and 11 to size 7! My sizes 7’s are even fitting big and I’m almost in size 5!

I absolutely love V3 Max! I have had a very difficult time losing weight after I had my 4th child and a tubal ligation. I was told by my doctor and many others that weight loss will be very difficult. I couldn’t look in the mirror without crying and was severely depressed because of it. Now I have hope! And not only hope but I KNOW I will get there again! Right away I had family and friends on it after seeing my results!

I now wake up in the morning and take my V3 Max. I don’t watch what I eat and hardly have time to exercise between 4 kids and my busy life but it still works wonders. I couldn’t be happier! My life has changed thanks to V3 Max and I know it will just keep getting better. Thanks Vfinity!”

– Kyrah-Lyn Mitchell, IA

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