Jennifer N.


“My name is Jennifer Newman and I am from Alma, Illinois. I just want to say that I feel better than I have in over 10 years since losing 55 lbs with Vfinity.

My lifestyle has completely changed. I now drink water instead of Diet Coke or sweet tea all day and I make much better food choices. I can step up in my truck or onto my horse without all that extra effort that it took before. I am sure my horse was wishing I would stick to eating salads instead of Twinkies! Truthfully I eat what I want in moderation.

I used to take multiple Advil every day to get through my work day. Now I take maybe two per month. If I have a bad day, I just pick up tomorrow and go on.

Initially, I wanted to give up each month because I was not seeing the fast results. Actually I was seeing nothing coming off the scales, yet people kept telling me I was changing. Each month I would buy another box at retail price. I did this for about eight months. I would chase V3 Max all over the county to pick it up instead of just signing up to order myself.

I finally decided to save some money and signed up just about the time people were wondering what my secret was. Since then I have earned extra cash and been able to get my products basically free. And with my Vfinity earnings I was able to go to the Naples meeting! What an awesome time it was to be around all of those leaders.

The Vfinity products have literally changed my life and lifestyle. I feel healthier and hopeful for a bigger and brighter future with the business. I love it!!!”

– Jennifer Newman, IL

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