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Gina B.


“Hello I am Gina Bagley, a Director with Vfinity. I started with V3 Max in September 2014 and I added the V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens in January 2015. As of May 2015, I have lost a total of 65 pounds, 4 pant sizes and many inches. I didn’t measure at the beginning because I was too embarrassed to!

I love Vfinity products and the results I feel and see! I plan to continue them for the rest of my life! I am enjoying better health, wealth, and happiness!

The picture of me on the left, I did not want to be taken. I hated to see myself in pictures when I looked like that! The picture on the right, I took myself so I could see my results! Vfinity has changed my life for the better! Thank you Vfinity!”

– Gina Bagley, GA

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