Donna K.


“I got involved with Vfinity because of Tracy Hill. Tracy had lost 18 pounds with V3 Max. I have been trying for years just to lose those pesky five pounds that I could never seem to get rid of before.
After taking V3 Max, not only did I finally lose those pesky 5 pounds but two other unique things happened to me with the product.

The first was that after I had taken a V3 Max, I had to drink a lot of water. I’m not fond of water and never drank much before even when playing strenuous games of tennis for three hours or more! Today I find myself drinking lots of water and wanting it. Keeping fully hydrated is important for lasting weight loss and for energy!”

The second thing, and let me stop here for a moment because this may seem strange to you . . . I found the V3 Max gave me a euphoric feeling of well-being! I’ll characterize this by being positive and pleasant.

I absolutely needed this positive feeling as I dealt with my mother’s deteriorating health due to her age. Her walking was strained and her sight was poor. I know it’s hard for anyone to watch a vivacious person decline. I talked to her daily and saw her at least once a week for the past 20 years. However for the last couple of years she became depressed. If it wasn’t for the elevated mood I got from the V3 Max, I would have fallen into a depressed mood too. She died recently at the age of 94, and I miss her dearly. But I want to thank V3 Max and the Lord for helping me deal with this situation.”

– Donna Kitchon, FL

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