Debbie B.


“After so many failures of trying to loose weight, nothing ever really helped. I remember back, when I was a young girl, that I loved music and dance. I was ready to just give in and quit!

After being smoke free for five years. I gained more weight. Everything tasted so much better.

I talk to God a lot and ask him please give me help with this unhealthy problem, put somebody beside me and in front of me. Help me keep my eyes focused on ME! I knew that I had let myself go, but not only that when I looked at pictures of me it made me angry at myself.

One day my aunt Robin came to me and told me all about Zumba Gold, My response right off the bat was, “Yeah, I CAN’T DO THAT” (just a normal hang up for most to say that.)

I started Zumba Gold January 14th, 2014! I loved every minute of it, and I still participate to this day! I started feeling better about myself. But I still felt that I needed a little more help that is when I found V3. I start talking someone about V3, did my own research and decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you folks, it helps me push back the plate, (and the way I was raised, we did not get up from the table until our plates were empty!) I have so much energy now, I feel like a new person! I have one person to thank for introducing me to this fabulous product, Crystal R. Matthews, a loving and caring friend – my side kick. I also want to thank Rose Marie L Renn, and my aunt for bringing me into a NEW world, for me!

All I can say is, “SWEAT IS FAT CRYING.” Give yourself the chance to see the difference. Lose the excuses and stop saying I CAN’T! Because you CAN! God Bless you on your journey!”

– Debbie B.

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