Crystal Squibb


“I would love to tell you that I saw a huge opportunity with Vfinity and jumped in with both feet. The truth is I fell in love with a sample and couldn’t figure out how I was going to afford it. I signed up to be a Distributor only to get my product cheaper. I had no intentions of even telling anyone I was on this product, in fear of hearing others say “Crystal’s doing another crazy diet.” My husband and I both started getting compliments on our weight loss and I found out how much I needed to sell in order to get our products for free. That’s what convinced us to share.

I love how the products work together. I have V1 Skinny Smoothie for breakfast, V3 MAX mid-morning, and V2 Skinny Greens right before bed. The convenience and quality of the products definitely make it easy to have them a part of my everyday routine. I have lost 47 lbs and have gone from a size 20 to a size 14! For the first time in so very long, I enjoy doing things again. Taking my dog for a walk isn’t a chore anymore!

I literally built this business on Facebook. The business and products are a part of my life. Everyone I meet knows what I have and how much I love this business. Even if it’s not for them – everyone knows someone who wants more energy, needs to lose a couple of pounds, or where a couple hundred dollars a month could make a huge difference in someone’s life. I went from trying to get my product for free to surpassing my monthly income as a customer service rep. I was able to go to part-time recently to grow my team even more. I make a point to have a relationship with everyone that joins my team. I love that the business doesn’t define us, but our friendship does.

Everyone I have met in Vfinity has been an inspiration in one way or another. Without Melissa Butts, I would not be here at all. She taught me that this business is for everyone and how to share from the heart. She showed me how to believe in myself even when I thought no one else did. I would not be the leader I am today without her sharing her passion with me. Uncle Chad Rubner has been an inspiration from the first time I read his Facebook post. He commented on a picture of himself to watch him close, he would be a millionaire soon! I decided then to watch him and take notes. He is not only a great business partner but has become one of my best friends.

Vfinity is not only a fantastic network company; it offers amazing products that people not only want but need. The support from everyone is amazing. I love that I spent time in Cancun with the Top Earners, Top Leaders, and Founders of this company and never felt like I didn’t belong. The extra mile this company goes to for its Distributors cannot be matched!”

– Crystal Squibb, IL
Executive Director

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