Chiyona Bourne


When I was introduced to V3 Max, I wasn’t certain I would have results. I keep a busy schedule; I’m an overseas mission minister plus, I’m a low income minister.

I was overweight, and tired of being overweight. I was 255 pounds! My weight fluctuated with my travels. But I’m not giving up, and still haven’t given up, on my quest to help people in other parts of the world! I was in Zimbabwe earlier in 2015 and I’m headed to Guatemala in 2016!

Though I kept busy, I didn’t have energy to exercise. I didn’t have the time. And being low income, I couldn’t afford “healthy” stuff. So, I cut out soda, juice, milk, and milkshakes. I didn’t eat out. I cut out the “sweets” – fudge rounds, cupcakes, potato chips, etc. BUT, all I could afford was 99 cent pot pies, Ramen noodles, and TV dinners!

Eventually, I added V1 Skinny Smoothie and V2 Skinny Greens. I started eating salads. I traded my salt-filled pot pies and TV dinners for basic salads; lettuce, onions, bell peppers, and salad dressing. I found time to create energy (exercise). I finally found something I enjoy doing. I am now able to challenge myself.

But, I found the key to my health journey on August 2, 2015! I visited a nutritionist and learned that though I was eating healthy, my body was starving; therefore, everything I ate, albeit healthy, was sticking to me.

After finding balance, adding protein, a few grains and nuts, and still utilizing Vfinity 1-2-3, today I am more toned, muscular, leaner, and weigh 206.6!

Now I dance and do yoga, walk and jog! In 2014, I was full of ‘cant’s’ and don’ts. I couldn’t dance, jog, or do yoga. I didn’t have time to walk more than 3 miles a week. But I found that the more I danced, walked, did yoga, and jogged, the more energy I had!

All thanks to Vfinity products and a visit to a nutritionist!”

– Chiyona Bourne,IN

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