Carey D.


“Before V3, I wore a size 36 waist and had about as much focus as my 3 month old Yorkie pup. After V3…

I lost my 36 x 30 jeans and had to go buy size 34’s. I lost the permanent crease on my leather belt, so I had to go buy another one of those too. Did I mention I wear a medium dress shirt now instead of a large? Yep, I lost all of my size larges, and away went my depressed demeanor and lack of focus too.

What have I gained? Well, I’m happy and more energetic! My 6 year basement project will be completed next month, and will be paid for thanks to my wife’s little side business, Vfinity. I could go on, but I think you all get the point. Weight is just a number on a scale. I could care less if I gain weight as long as I continue to look and feel the way I do.

I love V3! ”

– Carey Deeds, NE

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