Anne A.


“When I started my journey, I was at a Ladies Night and met a Lifestyle Consultant for Vfinity and saw her pictures and how excited she was about all the Vfinity products. I knew I had to try it to see if it worked to help me lose weight to be healthier since I tried everything else that didn’t work. After seeing all the pictures and reading all the testimonies and the energy and alertness I received that very first day I knew this was going to work.

So after being on V3 MAX for 2 months and losing 15 pounds, I was determined that all my excess weight was going to come off and that I was going it do it! Even through the holiday’s I lost weight! That was big for me!! Once everyone started to notice my weight loss and how good I was starting to look, they wanted to try it too. To be healthy, happy and energized, I knew I needed to be part of this Vfinity family and help everyone I know and everyone they know feel the same.

I use all three of our products every day! I start out my day with V3 Max at 7 a.m. It gives me the energy and alertness I need to start my day off right! One hour later I have my breakfast with our V1 Skinny Smoothie. Not being a breakfast person, I don’t skip breakfast any longer and it keeps me on track for the entire day. I end my evening with our amazing V2 Skinny Greens that helps my digestive system stay on track which never was on track before.

I eat three regular meals and have two snacks of either fruit or vegetables to keep my metabolism going. I drink 72 oz of water a day to help keep my body regular and help cleanse with all the natural products that Vfinity have to offer.

Having both of my parents having health issues, I wish that this would have been around to help them back in the 90’s. I love helping people boost their confidence, lose weight and become healthier. Since becoming a Lifestyle Consultant for Vfinity, not only have I become healthy myself, I am also helping others, my family and friends and everyone I am meeting. Retirement seems much closer now because of becoming a Lifestyle Consultant. I know I will be more relaxed and healthier to enjoy my financial future and more time with my family.

I have gone from a size 16 almost an 18 to a size 8. The agility in my hands has never been better. I use to run my hands under warm water in the morning in order to get my hands to move just so I could wash my hair or even take a shower. The ingredient blend in all three of our products have not only helped me make a life change; but also helped me lose weight and feel awesome.

From the CEO, Executives and all of our Lifestyle Consultants, everyone works together as a team to get the end result everyone is looking for! The support and help is just absolutely amazing! I love working with a company that has an awesome future for all its Lifestyle Consultants. Where this company is going is out of this world and nothing compares!

Without these products and the support I received, I wouldn’t be where I am today with 72 pounds gone! Helping all my loved ones and their loved ones and everyone I meet become healthy and happy! I love the fact that I can wake up every day feeling amazing and I want everyone I know to feel the same way!

Anne’s Success Tips:

• Eat your three meals a day and two snacks. This keeps your metabolism moving and stops you from binge eating.

• Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. This helps cleanse your body of toxins and waste that holds onto fat. Also, water helps breakdown your daily food intake.

• Protein is key so eat protein with every meal: Almonds, Cheese Sticks, Chicken, Cottage Cheese, Peanut Butter, etc.

• Fruit and Veggies for snacks in-between meals – Low Carb Fruit – Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries – Most Veggies are low carb. Find the Low Carb App. You still need Carbs so don’t eliminate them, just watch your intake.

• NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS – This stores fat in your body and triggers the cravings cycle.

• Use our support groups. No one judges you! We are all in this together to have the most amazing end result. I couldn’t have done it without it!

• Share your story to help inspire others that are all doing this for the same reason, to become healthy and happy!

• Plug into our resources for the best results.

• Contact your Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant to find out how you can have financial freedom too!

– Anne Angelopoulos, IL

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