Amanda K.


What Vfinity products have helped you?

All three. V3 has helped me lose my weight. V2 Skinny Greens make me feel healthy and gives me the nutrients I need.  V1 Skinny Smoothie is an easy and delicious way for me to get a good breakfast on the go.

What is your total weight loss ?

I have lost 30lbs. I wish I had measured the inches!!

Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey.

I’m a social worker, and my husband is a police chief. Our lives are crazy busy! Over the last few years , I have slowly put on extra weight . I saw my good friend, Delores Evans, lose a bunch of weight with Vfinity products, so I decided to call her.  I have to admit, I was skeptical at first.  She told me all about the product, and I finally told her that I would try it!  I made it clear to her that I wasn’t giving up cupcakes or Dr. Pepper.  She laughed and said, “You can keep your cupcakes and Dr. Pepper, but only if you agree to take this little pill and drink 8-10 glasses of water”.   I was just happy that I could keep my treats.

I started V3 and the rest is history! I slowly didn’t want the stuff I did before, and after a few months I added the other two products in to my daily routine.  I’ve been using Vfinity products for over a year now, and I feel healthier than I have in years.

What would you tell somebody who is struggling to get healthy, and how would you encourage them to get started?

I would tell someone who is struggling with extra weight to just jump in!  Don’t try to change everything overnight and start small.  Vfinity can help, and you’ll finally start having the energy to get things done and to play with your kids or grandkids.  Start your journey by adding in more daily water intake and less artificial sweeteners. Once you cut out all of the artificial sweeteners and are drinking lots of water, you can slowly add other healthy dietary changes into your routine. You didn’t gain all of this weight overnight, and it isn’t going to all come off overnight either.  Mostly, I would tell everyone who is struggling to become a healthier version of themselves that it is SO worth it!

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