John Simpson II


“My name is John Simpson II. I have been associated with many MLM companies. I have however found the one that fits my needs more than any other. With Vfinity, the products are second to none. It makes selling them so easy. The benefits that people have with these products are amazing! I myself have lost 26 pounds in just over seven weeks on the V3ORIGINAL.

I keep product on hand and it flies off my shelf like there is no tomorrow. I always have cash on hand. What I call ‘plenty of twenties.” It’s like being a teller machine. The money we have coming in offers me the ability to do many things that I would not otherwise be able to do such as take small trips. With Christmas approaching, it will help with that as well.

And the possibilities are unlimited. I see great things with this. I have set many goals, both short-term and long. I will eventually make enough doing this that I can stop working my job that I have had for 19 years. And anyone who knows me knows that I love that job. But the pleasure I have doing this is second to none! I am glad I have found my niche!

– John Simpson II, NC

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