Wanda B.


What Vfinity products have helped you?
I started taking V3MAX in December of 2015.

What is your total weight loss?
My starting weight was 242 lbs. and I am down to 215 lbs.!

Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey?
I have always struggled with my weight. I was the girl who was picked on for being chunky and fat. Years later and after having 6 children, I hit my heaviest weight ever. I homeschool my children and found myself struggling to have the energy that I needed to teach them. I messaged my friend, Stephanie Kovar, and bought my first box of V3!!! I loved the product immediately!! I had energy to keep up with my 6 kids, and the desire to exercise. I believe that God gives us tools, and that we need only to pick them up and use them. Vfinity is that tool for me!

What would you tell somebody who is struggling to get healthy, and how would you encourage them to get started?

Choose You!! Put yourself first!! You will never regret choosing your health!!

– Wanda Berry, TX

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